Computer Services Cornwall

Hardware Services

We can repair Computers, Laptops and some make and models of Mobile Phones and Tablets.

After initial diagnosis, we will let you know our intended repair method and ask for your go ahead before any work is undertaken.

A small list of just some, not all, of the things we can do:

– Replace/Upgrade your Hard Drive.
– Replace/Upgrade your RAM.
– Replace/Upgrade your Motherboard.
– Replace/Upgrade your Processor.
– Replace/Upgrade your Power Supply.
– Replace/Upgrade your Graphics Card.
– Swap your PC into a new modern case.
– Recover Data off a Hard Drive in a failed PC or Laptop. (Hard Drive failure would usually mean sending off to a data recovery specialist).
– Replace screens in laptops, tablets and smartphones. (popularity, brand and waterproofed items will affect our capability and ability to source parts).
– Replace batteries in laptops, tablets and smartphones. 
(popularity, brand and waterproofed items will affect our capability and ability to source parts).
– Replace keyboards in Laptops.
– Clean out your PC and perform full Stress Tests.
– Recommend an affordable and value for money upgrade plan/path.

Software Services

If it’s not the hardware, it must be the software right?

Just a few of the things we can achieve for you:

– Repair your Operating System.
– Reinstall your Operating System. (If repair doesn’t work).
– Upgrade your Operating System using fully legal and licensed software.
– Perform Virus, Malware and Spyware Checks and Cleans.
– Remove and re-install the latest Drivers for your Hardware.
– Move data from an old device to a new one.

Please Note!

There could be a myriad of problems with a computer or device, causing the fault or strange behaviour that you are experiencing. Some fixes are super fast, others can take some time, we ask politely that if it’s the latter, please be patient because what we do promise, we’ll get your item sorted as quick as we can.

We’re proud of our philosophy that we want our customers to enjoy their tech and not have to worry if you’re being taken for a ride, the reason we started Asonda was because we saw and still see rip-offs and try hards muddying the tech scene, it’s frustrating dealing with an issue you don’t know much about, there’s an element of trust in the service provider you choose and here, we choose respect, honesty and kindness every time.

We hope that if you use us once, you would want to recommend us to your friends and family.